Barter ad, items or cash. also looking for nicer drone. or fpv . Please KNOW the real world value of what you have to trade not what the real-retail inflated price. If you are asking way more than pawn shops in some items value, sorry dont ask. looking for professional carpentry help rebuilding a 2nd story deck, a drone, good fpv controller,

I charge a one hour minimum and UP, for all diagnostics. "and up" you can read below. I do not trust other "mechanics" diagnostics in most circumstances" - see below. Some DODGE, The diagnostics can take many hours. I prefer not fix DaimerChrysler cars!

We fix cars, trucks, boats, RV's, motorcycles, dirt bikes and tractor trailers. We handle electrical issues, fire damage, general mechanical problems and any other nightmare you might have. Any year, make and model: Gas or Diesel, Cadillac, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Ford, Volvo, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Chevy, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, Mack, Isuzu, Cat, Cummins. We also service wood chippers & small construction equipment. Almost anything you have, we can fix. When you're sick of clueless mechanics that can't get the job done or if you trusted someone else to make the repairs and they only made the problem worse. . . call anytime for a price quote. I am not the cheapest mechanic out there but i am one of the most experienced, knowledgeable you will ever meet. Some of my customers have figured it out that its better to fix it once, properly, rather than several times, not.. I have been in business almost ten years. I have always had the same phone number. On any given street in north SA I probably have at least one customer.


Mobile Mechanic, North Side of San Antonio. you can text any hour for a repair or quote. or call during normal hours. William. 210-61fore-14 for Four .

a Fully guaranteed, in writing, absolute, unquestionable diagnostic on cars will vary from $95-$150, or trade, depending on what type of car / truck / industrial equip it is and where it is located. I dont give you if or maybe. i tell you exactly whats wrong with it and exactly how much it will be to fix it. Pricing is as follows. - If I go to a location most typical cars / trucks (REPAIRS) at a usually a $95 minimum, this fee would include the following in most cases, (as an example)
a front end brake job, *parts additional.
a typical basic tune up on some cars *parts additional.
A Power Cooling System Flush.* fluids - parts extra. i use the same flush machine that lone star radiator uses on blanco, they charge $145
I do NOT EVER have time to go or out for free any service calls "in my spare time" I am by appointment &
free time exists only with bigfoot, the loch ness monster or true sovereign freedom. Lets stress this again, if you start out with asking me to "look at in my spare time", its never going to happen. 25 years experience and 10,000lbs of tools going to a job doesn't just look. I bill hourly or by the job.
I am open to payment in alternate methods. Barter system. etc. ITEX, alamo barter. This ad is ONLY for barter.
I take any credit card, paypal, rare coins, sporting goods, electronics, tools, building materials. new living room / dining room furniture. some bulk foods, *if you own a farm, etc. bully mix puppy, doby mix puppy, boxer mix puppy.
I do not take checks.

I charge ADDITIONAL FEES from my base hourly on the following ITEMS PLEASE BE AWARE ::
* If I have to work on a vehicle over a non-paved surface, like dirt,* grass * mud * gravel * or a boat in water.
*additional transit fee anywhere outside of 410-ih10 interchange area.
*if you want to send your children and or pets out to "help". *if you or your cousin / vato / lawn guy / neighbor / neighbors dog, who "knows how to work on cars" tried to rewire / clamp/ glue / weld / it first but instead created several additional problems. ( But I can STILL fix it ! )
*if you , your friend, cousin, son, neighbor, ( or neighbors dog again ), has tried pointlessly in frustration to change out countless numbers of parts on the vehicle, hoping through some act of god or blind luck you would strike upon the ONE part that's causing it to not start, but in the process wasted hundreds of dollars (and hours) on parts that didn't need to be replaced and potentially made my job that much harder by introducing an unknown number of additional variables. - In this case, I have encountered both businesses and consumers, that have spent well over $1000-$2000 in many cases, simply making guesses at what the problem was. You would be better off sometimes, if you want to guess at whats wrong with your vehicle... to just put your money in a trash bag and just set it on fire. *I * never * guess * .

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