làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích Bad Business Alert *Rock Solid Foundation and Construction* (8318 Grey Knoll dr) ẩn bài đăng này hiện

This is a fair warning for everyone who does not want to be scammed!
Robert and Preston have been arrested in Selma, Tx for their crimes! (Last Pic)

Rock Solid Foundation and Construction was A&J Foundation and Construction
They claim that they never had anything to do with one another but check out the last 2 screen grabs from the bbb.
Nobody deserves to be screwed over by these pieces of S**T!

Robert Berry, John Berry, Preston Stephens and Gregory Parker are vultures that prey on honest hard working people!
Please look at the recent post on Yelp and the Better Business Bureau.
The city of San Antonio Development Services has a big file on the crap they have done to people over the past couple
of years. Through the open records act you can see all of the fraud they have committed. His license# H922497 has changed

These people are nothing but liars and con men! Now supposedly they are having to file bankruptcy, according to Robert,
John Berry ( his own brother) and Gregory Parker (their chief engineer) have embezzled all of the companies funds and Robert Berry and Preston Stephens cannot complete any more work and have walked off of many jobs they have contracted.
A&J foundation and Construction has even texted their customers that it is illegal for us to contact them since
they have filed bankruptcy!

Kathy Stephens and Caroline Vaughn are associated with this company. They are just as bad as their men when it comes
to lying to and scamming people in this business!

All in all they are full of sh*t! They have ruined a lot of properties and have taken trust away from some really good people!
Please San Antonio and surrounding areas do not do business with these con men!
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