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Im a custom PAINTER-HANDYMAN that is looking to barter my services for jewelry - small trailer - mens watch, or just items you might have around the home or yard. I am skilled at every aspect of home maintenance and remodeling. So if you are wanting some painting or pressure washing or drywall repairs and textures and have what I mentioned above and you want to trade please get back to me. Thank you and have a Blessed Day.

I can also give you a daily price. And I have all the tools for the trades.

And if you need some paints and primers from the Home Depot you can use my phone number wys kontakinligting before you pay and press the Pro-Rewards button at the credit card key pad then it will ask for a job name you can put any job name and you will receive 20% percent off PAINTS & PRIMERS.

Again if you have something to barter with me please get ahold of me so we can work something out. Thank you and Be Well.
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