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Dickens Village houses & Accessories

Selling entire Dickens village. As is condition. Would Like to Sell at $2500, maybe flexible.
A few pieces are damaged, things like light poles need to be glued back on. Sold as is
As a whole set and local-ish to San Antonio, Tx, to avoid huge shipping costs. Most houses are with their boxes, some damaged due to age. All Accessories are individually wrapped and stored in plastic bins. People, carriages, animals, trees, roads, lamps, etc. (no boxes with accessories)

Please contact me if interested. List of Dickens Village pieces.

Serious inquiries only please.

Abbington Lock Inn
Abby Lane's Chocolates
Abbington Lock Keeper Cottage
Aldeburgh Music Box Shop
Anglesey Cottage
Antiquarian Bookseller
Ashbury Inn
Ashwick Lane Hose and Ladder
Barmby Moor Cottage
Bayly's Blacksmith
Belle's House
Betsy Trotwood's Cottage
Bidwells Windmill
Big Ben
Boarding & Loadging School
Burwickglen Golf Clubhouse
Buckingham Palace
Butter Tub Barn (no sleve)
Butter Tub Farm House
C. H. Watt Physician
Cathedral of St. Paul - Patina Dome Edition
Central Synagogue
Chancery Corner
Cobb Cottage
Colly Weston Post Office
Covered Bridge at Manor
Cratchit's Corner
Crooked Fence Cottage
Crowntree Freckleton Windmill
Custom House
Dickens Birth Place
Dickens' Gad's Hill Chalet
Dursley Manor
Ebenezer Scrooge's Flat
Ebenezer Scrooge's House
Faversham Lamps & Oil
Fezziwig Warehouse
Fezziwigs Ballroom
Fieldstone Foot Bridge
Fred Holiwell House
Frogmore Chemist
G. Choirs Weights & Scales
Gad's Hill Place
Gatehouse - #5530-1
Great Denton Mill
Greens Park Nosegay
Gunnersbury Park Folly
Hather Harness
Heathmoor Castle
Hedgrow Garden Cottage
Hembleton Pewterer
Ivy Glen Church
J Lytes Coal Merchant
J. D. Nichols Toy Shop
Kensington Palace
King's Ford Brewhouse
Kings Road Post Office
Leacock Poulterer
Leed's Oyster House
Lighthouse Queensport
Lilycott Garden Conservatory
London Gin Distillery
Lydby Trunk & Satchel Shop
Lynton Point Tower
Margrove Orangery
Maylie Cottage
McShane Cottage
Morston Steak and Kidney Pie
Mr & Mrs Pickle (no sleeve)
Mrs. Brimm's Tea Room
Mulberrie Court
Naval Academy Queensport
Nephew Fred's Flat
Nettie Quinn Puppets and Marionettes
Norfolf Biffins Bakery
Nottinghill Water Tower
Old Queens Bridge Station
One Royal Tree Court
Piccadilly Gallerry
Quilly's Antiques
Ramford Palace #13646
Regency Street Coffeehouse
Rockingham School
Royal Staffordshire Porcelains
Royal Stock Exchange
Scrooge and Marlley's Counting House
Scrooge & Marley Counting House
Seton Morris Spice Merchant
Shakespeare's Birthplace
Sheffield Manor
Silas Thimbleton Barrister
Sir John Falstaff Inn
St. Ives Lock House
St. Martin in the Fields Church
Staghorn Lodge
Stumphill Gate House
Summerset Valley Church
Sweetbriar Cottage
T. Puddlewick Spectacle Shop
T. Smith Christmas Crakers
Tattyeave Knoll
Teaman & Crupp China Shop
Temple Bar
The Christmas Carol Cottage Revisited
The Daily News
The Grapes Inn*
The Horse and Hound Pub
The Leather Bottle
The London Skating Club
The Maltings
The Mermaid Fish Shop
The Old Camdon Town Church
The Old Curiousity Shop
The Old Globe Theatre
The Old Royal Observatory
The Slone Hotel
The Spider Box Locks
The Sprit of Giving (2 house set)
Thomas Mudge Time pieces
Thornbury Chapel
Tower Bridge of London
Tower of London
Tutberry Printer
Westminster Abbey
White Horse Bakery
Whitehill Round Barn
Wingham Lane Parrot Seller
Wm. Wheat Cakes and Puddings

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