Some education regarding blindness (Leon Valley)

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I created a post not too long ago in which I. Was seeking inactivity partner four Pokemon Go

In this post, I mentioned that I was legally blind. Would like to find someone to play with

Most of the responses I received. Were individuals asking how I can play Pokémon? Read these posts if I was blind

Well, there is a difference between legally mind and totally blind

Legally blind does not necessarily mean totally blind. Although totally blind dust fall under the umbrella of being legally blind

For instance, I am legally blind. But I still have fairly decent forward vision

20/50 with glasses

However, I have little to no peripheral vision
Imagine taking the cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels. And punning them up to your eyes in trying to see straight ahead. You would be able to see just as you would any. Other time, but it's just through a very limited spot of vision

This is just one of many ways. A person can be legally blind, but not totally blind

So when you see an individual using a cane, yet looking at their phone or looking at the groceries on the counter at the store. Do not assume that they are baking it 4. Anything else bake may well need to use the cane. And they may well be. Legally blind

By the way, I am using voice to text to write this post. I am using it nut because of my vision loss. But because these tiny keyboards on these smartphones are far too tiny for my large fingers

But yes, the grammar lots of other aspects are probably horrendous

Voice to text has a long way to go.

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