Lionhead Rabbits - $250 (Elmendorf)

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Friendly Lion Head Rabbits Must Take As A Pair Cannot Be Separated, Been Together Since Birth. Unfortunately with these friendly amazing well behaved rabbits my boyfriend and I work so much at the age of our 20’s. I got them when I was 15 in high school they are lion head rabbits a certain breed, and I had paid 500 for them total. Very good breed and behaved rabbits. The older I had become the more I my time becomes limited and I cannot prioritize or give them the love and play time like I used too. They live outside and will come with a cage and food. They have been through all temperatures of weather. From snow to excessive heat, as long as they have food and water they are awesome rabbits. They come from Seattle Washington with me and Traveled with me in my car 2000+ miles to live in Texas. They have been great with the heat and just need water daily. I’m hoping someone could take them that will treat them like their baby and give them enough attention as I used too because I believe they are sad. Please message me if you’re interested of taking care of these amazing rabbits for the rest of their life. Since I got them at babies at 15 and it’s been 5 years they are 5 years old. Very cuddly playful and can even take on walks. One is more hyper and one is more calm but they mix perfectly like peanut butter and jelly and they will bring whoever is willing to give them the love they deserve much happiness to your life because I know they did for me and giving them up would be very hard so I just want to make sure they go to the right home which is why I would be selling them for 250 I know how expensive cages are and I really have to include some price for the cage I bought. And the price to make sure the rabbits have someone worth willing to pay for them. I will not go any lower than 250 is all I ask. They will be here with me in my backyard but as I work so much I believe they are getting sad. Please dm me great gift for child as a parent or even an adult that has time.

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