What to do if you've Lost or Found a Pet

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If you have lost (or found) a pet:
Print a flyer with a detailed description, a picture of your pet, and your contact number. Go door to door and ask your neighbors if they've seen him/her, give them a flyer, and ask if they can check ther security camera footage if they have one.

Call for your pet when your neighborhood is fairly quiet--at night or early morning and listen carefully for a response.

Check at ACS in person and online. If someone catches your pet and takes him/her to this city shelter, then your pet has 72 hours before being placed on the euthanasia list. There are 3 categories to check: adoptables, urgents, and medical urgents. They are overcrowded and are euthanizing dozens of dogs and cats every day.

For lost cats--Check in street gutters--call into them and listen for a response. Two different cats from my past hid and got stuck in such drainage areas--maybe escaping something that chased them. I was able to get mine back. In one case, I went calling for her early on a quiet morning and heard her crying from the gutter. In the other case, a neighbor's dog kept sniffing and scratching on the grate of a drainage ditch.

Advice of pet rescuers: put out articles of your dirty clothes that are heavy with your scent. Your cats' keen sense of smell may lead him/her back to you.

Search AND post on www.nextdoor.com as a general post (not as a "lost and found") and include several pictures. Nextdoor is the first place that local people post when they've lost or found a pet. When you post anywhere, PLEASE GIVE A DETAILED DESCRIPTION including sex, color, breed or breed mix, distinguishing or unique markings, so that people can find your post if they search using key words.

www.PetcoLove.org is a great place to register on and search. They use facial recognition technology to try to match lost and found pet photos to each other. They will send you alerts to animals that look like yours.

Other websites to search and post on:
• www.PetFBI.org
• www.pawboost.com
• https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/search/laf
• Lost & Found animal groups on Facebook: see attached photos

You can search for him/her on www.sapets.com
Be forewarned that some of the pets on here that are at ACS look pretty sad. Some have been injured or have been homeless for a while. It's a necessary thing to do to find your lost pet. 

More helpful advice can be found on: https://tnrtexas.com/lost-found

If you are safely reunited with your pets, then PLEASE have them microchipped AND get a tracking devices/tags for them to wear. That way you can find them and if they are scanned, then people who have them can find you.

Aside from reuniting pets, please have your pets spayed/neutered. Do not allow them to breed. Almost all shelters and rescues are full. There are low cost programs to help or appeal to neighbors on NextDoor. The situation of having dozens of healthy, lost, stray, and/or abandoned pets EUTHANIZED DAILY is unacceptable, devastating, AND PREVENTABLE!!! Take responsibility. Please....

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