*****SUMMER SPECIAL- PIANO & GUITAR LESSONS ******* *** (Bandera Rd./Mainland)

offered in person
offered virtually
Professional instruction at a great price! (In person or on-line lessons)
Degree in Music Education, Certified Music Instructor
References and appropriate documents available upon request
Satisfactory results from fingerprinting and criminal background check
Have fun learning beginner piano!
Adults learn the basics and to play your favorite song.
For children, I make learning music fun for children by using puppets, miniatures animals &objects, games, movement and percussion instruments.
Children learn musical listening, reading, and writing through singing songs and then playing them on the piano.
Children learn to:
1) sing in tune
2) the difference between the rhythm /beat
3) the difference between high/low pitches
4) loud/soft
5) fast/slow
6) learn to read musical notation
Piano- beginners only (can teach as young as four years old with parental assistance)
Guitar- child must be 10 years or older
Over 20 years teaching experience.
(210) 543-8953 - Please text or call
$30.00 for a 30-minute lesson
Please visit my website- johnnolanmusiclessons.com

5/5 Stars
Barbara a.
Guitar Lessons
Mr Nolan was an excellent teacher. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and positive with us always. We both learned a great deal with his teaching style. If you thinking about taking lessons pick him you won't be disappointed.
May 10, 2019

5/5 Stars
Michael H.
Guitar Lessons
Dec 17, 2018

5/5 Stars
Kristin M.
October 13, 2018
Guitar Lessons
John is a great guitar teacher and strives to do his best and have fun. He makes it a point to ensure that I am getting the type of guitar lessons that I am looking for, which I greatly appreciate. 10/10 would hire again!

5/5 Stars
Louis P.
September 20, 2018
I have not actually started lessons yet but phone conversation very professional and informative on goals lesson plans etc at this point very impressed thank you

5/5 Stars
Saad A.
September 9, 2018
I did a great progress with him in 5 lessons . He makes me feel confident about playing guitar

5/5 Stars
Tate N.
July 22, 2018
John was an amazing teacher! I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar. I had never picked up a guitar until I took my first lesson, so I was brand new. John was great at teaching me fundamentals and instruction you just can't get from a book or online. He is also very flexible with his lesson schedule, so it was easy to find a date and time that worked for me.

5/5 Stars
Dee O.
May 28, 2018
Mr. Nolan was an outstanding music teacher for my son. Combined with his patience and style of teaching, Mr. Nolan provided a great foundation of music appreciation that my son looked forward to weekly.

5/5 Stars
Susan K.
July 5, 2017
John makes learning the piano fun for my 4 year old. His method is wonderful.

5/5 Stars
Juan C.
May 5, 2017
He is a realy respecfull and very good teach

5/5 Stars
Sabrina S.
June 30, 2016
He is great with my 5yo daughter. She loves the lessons. I appreciate that he writes down the things that need to be reviewed and makes sure everyone understands, no matter what their skill level is or isn't. He makes it fun.

5/5 Stars
Dennis P.
January 14, 2016
Everything went very well. John is a very seasoned and knowledgable professional. I look forward to continued lessons with him.

Paige B.
December 31, 2015
Mr. Nolan is teaching my 8 year old son how to play guitar. He is very encouraging and a really great teacher. I sit in on the lessons and feel very comfortable with him. Even I'm starting to learn guitar by sitting in on the lessons!
Mr. Nolan has his own book to teach out of and its obvious that his years of teaching experience make everything run very smoothly. He is very clear in his instructions and is clearly laying out the foundation for more in depth musical knowledge. He is also very reasons and articulate with his homework expectations. My kiddo is really blossoming under his one on one instruction.

5/5 Stars
Raj M.
July 27, 2015
My 6 year old son has been working with Mr. Nolan on on the electric guitar for a couple of months now. Mr Nolan is a very knowledgeable, caring, and patient teacher and my son is always excited to go to the lesson each week and even practice at home. I was hesitant to start my 6 year old on the guitar as I felt he might have been a bit young but I have been extremely happy with his progress.
If you are looking for guitar lessons, I would recommend Mr. Nolan with no hesitation.

5/5 Stars
Ed H.
July 20, 2015
John is exceptional and exhibits all the qualities of a great teacher: he is patient encouraging and knowledgable . He tailors each lesson to what I want to learn and at what pace.
I'm happy with my progress thus far, and would recommend anyone serious about learning and becoming better to contact him.

5/5 Stars
Russell W.
July 3, 2015
Before starting guitar lessons, I did a thorough review and research of all the guitar instructors in the area. By far John is the best instructor out there.
John is a top-notch teacher and is very energetic and passionate about the guitar and loves teaching this instrument to others. He is very well organized and systematic in his teaching approach. John's style of teaching enables students to improve their technique very quickly and to learn a wide variety of guitar theory. He is very approachable and friendly, while also bringing a very professional approach that he has honed over many years of teaching guitar. John is also very responsive via e-mail or phone. He takes the time to learn about each individual student. He is a great teacher both for adults or kids. John is obviously a very talented guitarist himself, and he teaches in a way that is easy to learn from. He is very friendly and encourages a very low pressure learning experience. His structured classes allow the student to obtain constant progress and to see a clear line of what specifically is needed to improve upon. He takes a professional yet fun approach to his lessons. John tailors each students learning in a way specific to each one, and his vast knowledge of multiple styles of teaching books and learning aids is fitted to each student as needed. It is definitely not a one lesson fits all approach for him. He will gauge you through your level of expertise and assess your short and long term goals, whether as a beginner or as an advanced player. John then creates a custom lesson plan for each student. I thoroughly enjoy every lesson and see definite and concrete results each week both in my playing ability and in my overall understanding of music. One of my goals, in addition to increasing my performance level, was to actually learn how to read the music. In less than a month, through Johns instruction and teaching, I was on my way to a firm understanding not only in my ability to read music but to play sight reading, something that once existed only as a dream. With Johns help my confidence in playing is at an all-time high, and I without question see myself becoming an excellent guitar player in time with his help.
I strongly recommend John as an instructor to anyone at any level interested in becoming a great guitar player and learning more about guitar music theory.

5/5 Stars
Lacey T.
March 7, 2015
We have just finished our 6th lesson with John. My 5 year old daughter is taking piano lessons and I am taking guitar lessons. John is always on time, is always prepared, and is always eager to teach. My 5 year old can barely contain her excitement when he comes over. I am amazed at how much she has learned at such a young age. John encourages family participation during her lessons which is something that I fully agree with. Music in our house is a family affair. He has an obvious compassion for teaching young children and it is very obvious with the method he uses to teach them. He makes music fun. I am a middle school teacher, and would highly recommend him as a music teacher with your children too.
As an adult student in guitar, John is always listening to my wants and needs. He is teaching me with a style that will benefit my ultimate guitar playing goal, and addresses my learning style carefully. I would highly recommend him as a guitar teacher too.

5/5 Stars
Veronica B.
February 13, 2015
Mr. Nolan is very easy to work with and he is flexible. I highly recommend him.
Mr. Nolan has been teaching my daughter for several months now to play guitar. She is a quick learner but wherever she has trouble Mr. Nolan takes the time to help her develop new strategies. He is always asking for feedback not just from me but from her as well so she actually enjoys the lessons. She looks forward to them all week.

5/5 Stars
John G.
January 5, 2015
John love's what he is doing. He is very patient with the kids. my 7yr old love's going to piano practice. John is a very caring person. we are very fortunate to have him teaching are daughter piano.

5/5 Stars
Irma R.
December 2, 2014
Mr. Nolan has been our daughters' music teacher for nearly 2 years. He is gifted at working with children and is very patient. My daughters are doing very well and love learning from such an amazing instructor.

5/5 Stars
Jorge J.
October 15, 2014
I have enjoyed every acoustic guitar lesson from John Nolan! He provides excellent instruction and challenges me to learn new techniques and skills that is improving my playing ability every week. He is flexible as to what it is I want to learn, instead a rigid course structure.
I'm an adult student who has been playing for some time, but needed a professional to help me grow to the next level. I look forward to every lesson!

5/5 Stars
Kimberly T.
October 12, 2014
The best teacher for my kids. You will be very happy! He is wonderful and has taught my family so much.

5/5 Stars
Daniela N.
October 8, 2014
Mr. Nolan is a very talented musician. He is also a wonderful teacher to my two young kids. He has a lot of patience with our kids. He also has many teaching aids like puppets, toys, and shells. These teaching aids help the children to relate to the songs much better. He teaches them to sing first, then music instruments. It helps them to appreciate music much better. I am glad that he is my children's music teacher.

5/5 Stars
Charlie L.
October 8, 2014
John is a great piano instructor. Our son is hyper active and because of that most of the time he is not concentrate very long. John is very patient and kind. He has good teaching methodology. He knows how to guide my son stay in focus and become more interest on playing piano. We are very glad to have John as our son instructor. He is awesome.

5/5 Stars
Michael W.
September 2, 2014
If music is anything, it is a rolling stone. It starts slow and continuously picks up speed. I have been working with Mr. Nolan for the past 7-8 years and I have enjoyed each and every lesson. He is one of the reasons why I loved playing guitar. At the beginning I was taught how to play simple melodies, but as the years progressed I was on stages all over San Antonio performing hits like "The Boys are Back in Town", "Don't Fear the Reaper", and much, much more. Mr. Nolan combines the traditional musical learning patterns with modern songs and techniques. He helps each student realize their potential as a musician by tailoring to their strengths and weaknesses He is truly, one of the bests.

5/5 Stars
Ashley W.
September 1, 2014
Mr. Nolan is a wonderful instructor! He has a true gift for working with children. He uses a holistic approach to create interest and keep the children engaged using singing, games, puppets, and small percussion instruments to help with learning rhythms and tones. He encourages parent participation and listens to the goals and desires of parents and students. I highly recommend him .

5/5 Stars
Greg C.
August 20, 2014
We have had John teaching our son Blake for two years now. Blake began playing the classical guitar when he turned 7 years old. He has since moved on to the electric guitar and really enjoys playing Rock and Roll. What is important to me is the fact that he didn't just learn to play by ear or by tabs. He learned to read music. He could move to the keyboard and play if he wanted, but his sister began playing this year at the age of six and has now graduated to playing her favorite song "Let It Go". John is very patient with the children and very thorough with his teaching. If you are looking for someone to work with your kids to teach them music, he is a very good choice. He shows up on time and gives the kids just the right amount of work for their attention span. His enjoyment of music is very apparent and it shows every time he works with the kids.

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