2013 Hiwatt England SE412 Cabinet FSOT - $850 (Kerrville)

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2013 Genuine Hiwatt made in England SE412 Cabinet . Fane Purple Heavy Duty reissue speakers. Cabinet and speakers are in outstanding condition with zero issues xcept a couple of very small practically unnoticeable tolex snagsT.

This is a Doncaster era cabinet. I'll save you the legwork, it's not on par with the best Hiwatt cabs, but what it is is a solid made in UK Birch Ply, I don't think it's 18 ply like the best ones, at least the back isn't I don't think.
It's a solid cabinet that gets you most of the way there, plus it's UK made, that oughta count for somthin', inorite?
The speakers, as shown, are made in UK Fane reissues of the original Heavy Duty Fane Purplebacks, and whilst probably not the best iteration, they are solid replicas and sound like the old Fanes do, more or less.

Anyhow, thse things don't grow on trees, they are hard to find. The old original 1970's ones are crazy expensive, and the cuirrent modern US made replicas like Reeves and HiTone may be closer to the originals, they are still not exact to original spec, still expensive, aren't genuine Hiwatts . The current production made in UK Cabinets look to be mighty fine, but again you're gonna pay through the nose.

What can I say, I'm honest to a fault, let a buyer have all the info. I know so for buyer to make an informed decision instead of being a snake in the grass and taking the money and run.

... That said, this here is a fine cabinet, far far from "crap", it is well made and sounds great and will do justice to your Hiwatt tone quest.

850.00 or Trade for other similar value quality cabs and speakers 2x12, 1x12, EV, JBL or maybe a Hi-Fi stuff, tube amp,
Classical guitar, Martin acoustic bass, or ??

(No, I don't have a guitar store...I grabbed some pics of the same cab and speakers I off internet till I can take some pics of my cabvinet.

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