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I'm a bass player looking for a young singer, drummer and possibly a keyboard player for a rock band that's highly influenced by the blues. Kinda like Greta Van Fleet. I have two very talented young guitarist (17 and 19) ready to go. We have over 20 songs, most with lyrics already written. But if you're a good lyricist they can be changed to sometime better. I wrote or co-wrote most of these songs around 2000. The band I co-founded back then put them on GarageBand and we won "Artist of the Month" and was contacted by A&R guys where we found out that our name was already taken. Since I had no desire to be touring musician we never looked into the offers we had. GarageBand was funded by the legendary Sir George Martin. It had over 250,000 unsigned bands. It was legit. *NOTE* Not to be confused with the music making GarageBand website that's around now. The original GarageBand was shut down in 2012 after Sir George Martin stopped the funding.

On GarageBand we put all our 10 songs off the CD for people to judge and review and after it was all said and done, every song was rated very highly, which led to us winning that award. Every song but one was rated 4 out of 5 stars, and the only song that wasn't a 4 star song was rated a 3 1/2 star song.

After seeing Black Heart Saints, Jason Kane and the Jive doing really well and seeing the emergence of Greta Van Fleet, I think the time is now to resurrect these songs. Maybe, just maybe, the youngsters are waking up to the crap that's being fed to them. As we all know, the hooks in today's music doesn't involve a guitar like it did back when I was in High School. I truly believe the guitar will make a return.

I have connections in just about every venue and bar in San Antonio. I'm good friends with most of the promoters. The last band I was in was lucky enough to play all the big shows because of the family of friends and the support I have from them. And even Rodney "The Mayor of the Sunset Strip" Bingenheimer has heard these songs and wants to play them on his radio show in LA. But in order for that to happen the band needs to be active. Which is one of the main reasons I'm putting this ad up.

I have a plan for all this. And if you don't have a plan to go with your music career then you better stop what you're doing and create one. Steve Vai said "There's a 100 guitar players that are better than me around LA, but they can't think past their bedroom." I know what he means by that.

Here's some songs that helped us win "Artist of the Month."

These songs are almost 20 years old so we can upgrade the sound, chords, etc.

The legendary Van Halen producer, Ted Templeton, said if the music makes you want to dance then you're halfway there, and I think this music does make you want to dance. Please feel free to listen to the other songs. I have more that I never got around to putting on Soundcloud. Please feel free to ask me anything you want about this project.

Thank you reading this novel. I'm very passionate about this and hopefully you are, too.

Have a good day. Peace!

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