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137 Productions is a full service recording and mixing studio based in Los Angeles, CA., offering the highest quality mixing work for an artist friendly rate. This of course is done 100% remotely!

Services Offered to Clients (Outside Los Angeles):
- Mix Already Recorded Material: Have a tune already recorded but need a proper mix? 137 Productions has you covered. Available for clients located anywhere in the world!
- Session Performance: Have your guitar, bass, keyboard and/or percussion parts performed on your record by a 10+ year professional musician.
- Co-Writing: Work with a multi-award winning songwriter to craft a song that fits your exact vision via Skype.
- Skype Lessons: Learn or improve your guitar or bass playing by working with a professional live/studio musician with 10+ years experience via Skype.

Feel free to reach out via email with any questions regarding bookings, rates and sample requests. Website listed below. Thank you for reading this ad!
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