I have Pome

I have Pomeranian that is ready to go to a new home. It has a vaccine shot already. (713) 832-5five40





,I have three female leopard geckos for new home. Two tremper albino and one Jungle with a het I can't remember. Meet Mothra, she is a female adult albino Leopard gecko. She isn’t fully hand tamed yet, but she learns fast.Meet Valkyrie, she is a fully grown, healthy adult female leopard gecko. She loves attention, and is the most social leo I’ve ever seen. She dropped her tail before I owned her, and is looking for a forever home.2 female leopard geckos. Aquarium, substrate, hides, lamps and heat pad.2 Leopard Geckos looking for their new home. One yellow and one white, both females. Comes with their enclosure (18x18x18), led light, & bottom heater.10 month old male orange Witzblitz beardy. Healthy and good eater. Bugs and fresh veggies. Looking to rehome him and his complete inclosure.Hey there everyone, heres our great and friendly beardie. Sadly we are moving and downsizing and decided to put a feeler out there to see if theres anyone who is maybe the right fit for her.Bearded dragon hatchling with setup. Eating greens and tiny dubias. You must research care. Needs heat, basking lamp, and to be fed roaches/crickets 3-4 times a day.Hatchlings lookin for homes. Just hatched three days ago. Need to rehome bearded dragon. Close to a year and a half old. Eats well both greens and bugs. Have always fed live bugs, mainly crickets, dubias and meal worms. Friendly and will chill on you. Has never hissed or bit but occasionally puffs bearded out a little. Hello I have 3 beautiful parakeets that are ready for their new homes. They are handfed and handled daily. They are on a seed/pellet diet. Given fresh veggies and fruit. Bird accessories for $50 or best offer it has lots of brand new items perfect for finches, parakeets, and small birds. Selling these bonded males about a year old Currently 8 weeks old. Feeding on seeds and pellets. Located in Vallejo Ca. Pickup is public meetup. A Yellow and a blue parakeets available now. Moving need to re-home asap.Parakeets and cage. 2 male 1 female and cage. One pair is bonded and had baby parakeets.Baby reticulated pythons available, born late 2023. Produced by me. Everything currently available has had multiple meals. Feeding on FT small rats/weened rats/XL mice. I have feed & def records for all of them.Female Banana Pinstripe Ball Python.4 years old.Selling her because I have to many snakes but she is a really good one.I have had her since she hatched. Kept her this long because I was thinking about breeding her but never ended up doing it. Cage is included.

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