Rehoming Brown Tabby Cat (San Antonio)

Meet Tips, named after the notch in her ear from a trap and release program. This brown tabby cat is the queen in my household, but I am going to be moving in a few months and I might be living with family for a time who already have pets and allergies, we were hoping to do best by the stray stray cats we took in while we were here. We do not know how old she is because she was missing teeth and the vet could not estimate her age.

She has FIV, but she is healthy otherwise and I refuse to put her down for this reason, cats can live many years with this if taken care of and in the 2 years I have had her and my other stray with FIV, I only needed to take her to the vet once because she was attacked by a feral stray. She is super sweet and loves to talk and I feel like she is part siamese. She has been around an old Shih Tzu who she was very gentle around and managed to get my dog of 17 years to stop flinching from attention from cats, she would groom her and try to guide her back inside from her walks since she was blind and would run into the wall sometimes. She is alright with other cats, but hoping to find a home where she can be played with and given lots of human attention. She loves to play with people, but she just wants her own space away from most pets.

We have a small rehoming fee of $40 for her. She craves a lot of attention from her humans and is a well trained house cat. She does not claw furniture and we trained our cats not to jump on the kitchen counters and dining table, she prefers being low on the ground any ways. She is spayed and filled with love and never goes a day without saying so, please let me know if she sounds like a fit for you.

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