White medium hair cat, male for adoption(3 to 4 years old) (San Antonio)

White medium hair cat, male  for adoption(3 to 4 years old) 1 thumbnailWhite medium hair cat, male  for adoption(3 to 4 years old) 2 thumbnail
Do you need a companion in your garden or while you do some outdoor projects? I have one of the best supervisors for you. His name is President Richard Snow, but we often call him Snow and he responds to his name very well. He came begging on my back doorstep after I had lived at my house for a year and I took him in thinking he was my neighbors white cat and while they were gone for 2 months. I was apparently very mistaken as we hilariously found out, but I have been taking care of him for 2 years since. We are getting ready to sell our house and move out of state in a few months, and because we are trying not to rush into our next property we do not know what our living situation will be and how stressful it would be to take him with us. I want to give him to someone who can let him continue to be an indoor/outdoor cat. He helps me control pests in my garden like voles, deters the squirrels, and fortunately he is not very successful with birds, maybe because he is all white. His first love is food, but he has shown a very grateful side for us taking him in. He is very gentle and you can pick him up with no trouble and handle him. He is pretty laid back for a cat, but he hates being bored and cooped up. He will not transition well to being indoor only and would run away or get into trouble in an apartment. He cuddles with me for hours when the mood strikes but every time I work outside he comes and oversees the work whether it is pouring rain or in the triple digits. He does live with two other cats, but even though he plays a lot with the younger of the two, he is not so bonded they can not be seperated. He does have FIV, but he is healthy otherwise and has had his annual appointments and shots. For the record one of my three cats does not have FIV and lives with the other two with it in harmony. I just made sure he was introduced slowly.

Please let me know if you are interested, there is a small adoption fee of $40 for this guy, but he is microchipped and well taken care of, I just do not want to see him get into the wrong hands.

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