"Wanna-be" investors screw themselves. All the info is out there.

I have seen it time and time again. Thousands of times.
Some group or "guru" puts on a show at a conference room or center, then gives some vague motivational shit followed by a pitch to buy into their programs. (that cost you thousands). Or "investor clubs" that are run by a bunch of people wanting to sell newbie investors a bunch of crap. Then there are the "mentors" who are basically the illegitimate child of a personal injury lawyer and used car salesman who was raised by a pack of gypsies.
Large and small I have seen "Help" screw people out of their hard earned money for a line of bullshit that sounds good. Investing in real estate IS the BEST way to build wealth in America today. For both the short term and long term benefits.
But MOST of these people offering "help" are trying to separate you from your cash, not build you wealth via real estate. They build a business of "service" for wanna-be investors, but preach that type of "active" income is not the correct path.

Anyway, I have bought and sold hundreds of homes and dozens of commercial, multi-family, retail, office/warehouse spaces, and I have done VERY well. I don't mentor, I don't "help" anyone. I buy and sell (lease) real estate. Thats it.

Occasionally I will pass on a good deal, I get paid for passing it MOST of the time. (friends get free deals because I am not an asshole...completely) And I sell deals all the time once they are done. i.e. rehabbed / rented.
I don't have a list, I have some people I know 100% can make shit happen on deals. I don't wholesale because I got tired of people trying to renegotiate w/ people I had contracts w/ or not buying the property and leaving the property owner back at 1. (I buy it no matter what, even if the person I sell to backs out.)
So, shoot me an email and tell me why you won't be a pain in my ass, I'd like to see good people make some money in this sleezebag business.
* and just so you know I've been posting this for months so don't be cocky thinking that the shitz easy.

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