Lego Technic Universal 8055 Set - $95 (Canyon Lake)

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make / manufacturer: Legos

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Vintage Rare Legos Technic 8055 Universal Building Set (1986). Appears to be complete, like new condition with booklet.

Lego Group History:
In 1916, Ole Kirk Christiansen purchased a woodworking shop in Billund, Denmark which had been in business since 1895.   The shop constructed furniture and some houses. The workshop burned down in 1924 and a larger workshop was built. When the Great Depression hit, Christiansen had to focus on smaller projects. He began producing miniature models of stepladders and ironing boards as design aids that inspired him to begin producing toys.

By 1932, Christiansen's shop started making wooden toys such as piggy banks, pull toys, cars and trucks, and houses. In 1934, Christiansen was considering renaming the company with several name options; "Legio" (Legion of toys) and "Lego," from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning "play well." Also "Lego" could be loosely interpreted as "I put together" or "I assemble" in Latin, so Lego was selected as the company name.

Following World War II, plastics became available in Denmark, and Lego purchased a plastic injection molding machine in 1947. One of the first modular toys to be produced was a truck that could be taken apart and re-assembled. In 1947, Ole Kirk and his son, Gottfried obtained samples of interlocking plastic bricks produced by the British company Kiddicraft. Hilary (Harry) Fisher Page designed these "Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Bricks. In 1939, Page had applied for a patent on hollow plastic cubes with four studs on top that allowed their positioning atop one another without lateral movement. In 1949, the Lego Group began producing similar bricks, calling them "Automatic Binding Bricks." Lego bricks, then manufactured from cellulose acetate, were developed in the spirit of traditional wooden blocks that could be stacked upon one another but could be "locked" together. They had several round "studs" on top, and a hollow rectangular bottom. They would stick together, but not so tightly that they could not be pulled apart. In 1953, the bricks were given a new name: Lego Mursten, or "Lego Bricks."

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