Gilbert Erector Set #7 1/2 - $250 (Canyon Lake)

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This is a 1950's, played-with, complete Gilbert Erector set model #7 1/2 which has been inventoried. Inventory sheets accompany the set. The 104 page, spiral bound, instruction manual illustrating most of the 1934 through 1962 original toy models is a reproduction. This manual combines 250 exhibits and displays, some of which have been discontinued over the last 50 years of Erector Set production. The motor and gearbox run well. The aluminum box is in very good condition but did not retain the original paint well.

A. C. Gilbert Erector Co. History: After winning a gold medal for pole vaulting at the 1908 Olympic Games, and earning a degree in medicine at Yale, Alfred C. Gilbert (1884-1961) started a kids toy company in New Haven, Connecticut. The Gilbert toys, Mysto Manufacturing Co., made magic and chemistry sets. By 1913 Gilbert developed the Erector Set, a popular metal construction toy. The company name was changed to A. C. Gilbert Company and sold over 30 million sets from 1913 through 1954, or an average of 700,000 per year. Starting in the 1920's, Erector Set models were sold with increased ability grades and complexity, using electric motors, ranging from set models #1 through #10. In 1948-9, new Erector Set models #10 1/2 - Amusement Park and the large box, #12 1/2 - Mysterious Walking Giant were introduced. Also, the American Flyer trains were made as a division of the A. C. Gilbert Co. By 1961, the last Erector sets were sold by Gilbert. After Gilbert's death, the A.C. Gilbert Co. was sold to Wrather Corporation. There were a total of 50 million Erector sets sold from 1913 to 1988. For more information visit A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society (ACGHS) web site.

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